Maintenance Register
Item Description Reported by Date Progress Completed
1 BBQ needs ignition, SS burners and SS plates. (JB has most parts) JB Feb16 Fixed JB
2 Report of windows in 4 and 5 rattling. Maybe replace windows in 4, 5 and 6. Joddie C Apr16    
3 Alternate stairs and track to front door KMcC Apr15
4 Mirror in bathroom next to Room 6 needs replacing. Size 610 x 460mm JB May16    
5 Seal on door to north deck leaking and needs replacing. JB May16
6 Pipes frozen in foyer - provide thermometer to monitor temp?
MMcC July 16    
7 Northern door reported open again - find better way to ensure locked? Upgrade sign. DJ, WB
April 16 Locks replaced JB
8 Wood trolley broken RP Nov16 Fixed RT
9 Replacement of element in water heater   2019    
10 Leak behind northern deck light allowing water to penetrate ceiling and exit at light RT Jan17 Fixed JB march-17
11 John, Did you get this email from SLOPES? If so ,have the Directors seen it and do you/they have any opinions as to what it implies for Redwood ? My feeling is that at some stage in the future it is possible that private lodges may come under a Head Lease or some other arrangement whereby NPWS will seek to increase lease fees significantly, despite best efforts of SLOPES. As Redwood is having only approx. 55% full week occupancy this winter and our members and guests summer use is pathetic, I think it is time to boost our member numbers in preparation for; 1.Decreasing of lodge usage by first and second generation members and reluctance to face major increase in annual levies 2.Building a stronger financial base through at least the admission of another 10 new memberships in preparation for the above scenarios. 10 new members means a potential for increased guests as well thus improving the income stream. 3. Although increased membership will also increase competition for winter accommodation allocation it may mean going back to what we faced in our early years which I think was something like a 2 year rostered allocation process for peak winter weeks. 4.Increased membership would also improve summer use. Welcome your thoughts. Regards, Donald DJ July17    
12 Don Johnston advised problem with snow preventing fire escape doors to open or access being inhibited by snow buildup. Need to ensure escapes are kept clear. Needs updated sign. DJ July17    
13 Wall heater in Bedroom 1 faulty IC Aug17    
14 Raise cupboard doors in family room 10mm to clear carpet JB 2017    
15 Outside LED light facing the front door needs replacing JB 2017    
16 Reprint exit signs to include keeping outside clear as well as inside JB 2017    
17 Family room vacuum cleaner not working and needs replacing JB 2017    
18 Repairs to the rendering on chimney and repainting of chimney RT 2017    
19 Follow-up plans from RT for NSW planning JB 2017    
20 Clock in lounge room next to barometer MMcc 2017    
21 Closing device on sliding door at bottom of bedroom stairs to prevent banging MMcc 2017    
22 Replace sealing around northern door MMcc 2017    
23 Uphill LED exit light not working in lounge room MMcc 2017    
24 Steam clean carpets. Wax spill in bedroom 3 and stains near fireplace MMcc 2017    
25 Repaint emergency exit steps, stringers and canopy walls MMcc 2017    
26 Hinge on grease trap needs to be refined MMcc 2017    
27 Replace cloths dryer MMcc 2017    
28 Replace ski-racks to fit modern skis and snowboards MMcc 2017    
29 Replace roof RT 2015    
30 Amplifier needs setting up properly or replacing. New needs USB and bluetooth. JB 2017    
31 Right speaker in lounge room not working. Disable speakers in the family room JB 2017    
32 Oiling of lodge MC 2017    
33 LED light on west side of lounge room needs replacing JB 2017    
34 Raise cupboard doors in family room to clear carpet JB 2017    
35 Reprint exit signs to keep inside and exits clear and to ensure tongue latched. JB 2017    
36 Vacuum cleaner for downstairs MC 2017    
37 Follow-up "Dinner is Served" JB 2017    
38 Phillip Hope request to join up (discuss joining fee) JB 2017    

New Member Waiting List (not in order of acceptance)
Nominating Member, please provide a summary of the proposed members background.
The current joining costs are: Share $100.00, Non Interest Bearing deposit $1400.00 and a joining fee of $10,000.00.
Please confirm the proposed member accepts the joining costs.
The Directors will select and present the proposed new member to the full membership for their acceptance or comment.
To date we have had unanimous approval.
The criteria for membership will be based on compatibility, past use, an associate and not necessarily be in chronological order.
Consideration as per Don's comments below.

A members share can pass to their associate with approval of the Directors without the joining fee.

Donald Johnston
Would the Directors like to consider the following concept for nomination of a new member in the future ;
1. Every 2nd new membership be offered to; either an Associate ( if they desire to hold a separate membership earlier in their life rather that wait for the inheritance! ) or an adult child of a current member

2 . The other then being a completely new member from the waiting list .
As most of the original Associates are now in their mid 30's to 40's and some with husbands and children, I think it would be nice to offer this opportunity early in their family life ,subject to their being able to pay for it! .
This concept would allow the children of founding members to continue and participate (with full voting rights) in the family history, ownership and involvement in Redwood, thereby hopefully setting up membership opportunities for their children to follow in the future .
This concept would then allow the introduction of new unrelated members into the mix to keep the overall membership interesting, whilst keeping the historic influences . Welcome your thoughts. Regards, Donald Johnston

George Szafner' Membership - Held by Rhonda Rutkiss for Gina Szafner. Click here for detail
Membership Waiting List
Lilli Pang
Hello John, I really enjoyed my last stay there.
Id love to have my name put down for membership - I realise its a long waiting.
I also developed a bit of an idea Id like to run past you. I am developing a podcast at the moment and am very interested in podcasting stories.
I am thinking of a series called “Village”. Id like to interview people from Redwood about the building of the lodge and the community aspects of it.
Do you think this is an idea that the members would enjoy engaging with. It would be a long term project (probably a few years of recording and editing)? Thanks Lilli
Philip Hope
Was an associate with Vic Hope. Very much like to become a member.
Helen Macallister
The Directors Redwood Ski Lodge (not able to take up the Membership in 2013)
I would like to put forward my daughter Helen Macallister for a possible membership vacancy when and if one occurs.
Helen has been to the lodge with us on many occasions and she is a keen skier.
Helen is an Associate Dean at The University of Notre Dame and her husband Colin is a High School Subject Master in Economics and Geography.
Helen and Colin live at 1 Coolawin Road, Avalon Beach 2107.  email
They have two children.
Dylan is is now playing for Melbourne Heart Football Club and lives in Port Melbourne with his wife Maria and two children, he has represented Australia in U17 Joeys and most recently was in the final squad for the Olympics but missed selection to play in Athens after playing in most of the lead up games.
Cassie has just finished Year 12 and will go to University in 2005.
She is a keen skier and has been to Redwood with us many times.
A.J.Cahill 2 Beverley Place South Curl Curl NSW 2096
Kyle Jane Woods
I would like to be considered for a membership with Redwood Ski Lodge.
After 20 years living in the mountains I now reside in the Southern Highlands with my young family.
I would like to continue the wonderful family tradition my mum and dad, Ken and Carolyn gave to us as children.
Kind regards and many thanks, Kylie Woods
Kylie Jane Woods "Kings Park" Kings Road,
Moss Vale 2577
H02 48681691 M0416204424
Declined 2013
Dan Barrow
Friend of Angus Grinham
97 Ryall Street, Canowindra 2807 or danbarrow@hotmail,com
Steve Cavanagh
Sept 2012
Steve has been a guest to the lodge over many years. He is married to Kim and has two daughters.
Steve runs a successful window covering business at Warigal.
Declined 2013
Marko Lahtinen
Jan 2013
Redwood Directors,
I'd like to be considered for a Redwood membership when one becomes available. I understand the cost and commitment to Redwood that membership entails.
I was born in Finland so snow is in my genes, so to speak. As a child in Finland, I skied to school in winter, so for me cross country skiing is almost as natural as walking or cycling.
I relearned some of my snow skills during national service in Finland, and returned to skiing when I moved from Perth to Canberra in 1994.
I was fortunate to meet Marion in Canberra and become a member of the McCutcheon clan.
Since moving to Sydney, we continue to visit the Snowy mountains and use Redwood in summer and winter.
We are passing our love of the region to our children, with a view to them eventually becoming Redwood members.
Please let me know if there is anything else required at this stage.
Best regards, Marko Lahtinen mob: 0437 239 606 email:
Matt Carral
April 2016
I'd like to be considered for a Redwood membership when one becomes available.
I understand the cost and commitment to Redwood that membership entails.
I reside in Helensburgh on the South Coast and am an independent architect working on projects in that area from commercial construction through to additions and alterations, with experience in historical and special environment considerations. I feel this background and my restoration experience would be a valuable contribution to the Redwood 'pool' of members to assist during maintenance activities and future planning.
We have been visiting Redwood as guests of Marion McCutchen since our children met in 2012 and we also share interests in bushwalking and other outdoor activities in addition to skiing, so we would see the investment in membership as potentially being a year 'round benefit.
I have also known Wayne Brighton for many years and have been pleased to be able to renew that acquaintance during our Redwood visits (which have corresponded a number of times!). We have always enjoyed very much the cultural feel of Redwood and they way it is run and feel that we would be a good fit for this mix.
My wife is also the Managing Director of a not-for-profit professional association and has post graduate qualifications in the management of charities and not for profits and could provide a valuable contribution toward your governance and risk management requirements, should this be called for.
Please let me know if there is anything else required at this stage.
Best regards, Matt Carrall 0417 442 606 and email:
Mathew Campbell
March 2017
To The Directors,
I would like to be considered for membership of Redwood when one becomes available.
My family and I have been to Redwood for the past two years as guests of Trevor Oatley and Don Johnston.
We are very grateful to be returning again this year. I am a former professional basketball player, now working in community and corporate relations.
My wife Renee is a planning and environmental policy manager. We live in Wollongong and are both enthusiastic skiers who enjoy the atmosphere and the camaraderie of Redwood.
We have two daughters aged 9 and 6 who have both developed a love of skiing and of Redwood.
I understand the cost and commitment that membership entails and look forward to hearing from you.
Kind Regards Mathew Campbell