Lockers on West side

LockerWEST WALL - North to South
1Robert Wearne
2James O'Halloran/Alex Donnelly
3Alasdair and Connie Mochan
4Gretel Eady (Veteran)
5Paul McCutcheon
6Rob and Jo-Anne Phillips
7Stuart Wearne
8Kylie and Katrina Woods
----------Divider 1 (Stairs)----------
9David Vaughan
10 Angus and Catherine Grinham
11Margaret and Adam Clarke
12John and Margaret Barter
13David Shaw (1)
14Trevor Oatley (1)
15Julie and Terry Canacott (1)
16Ken Mochan
----------Divider 2----------
17Michael Cahill (1)
18Michael Cahill (2)
19Ryan Everitt
20Ian Canacott
21Julian Burke (Robert and Linda)
22Julian and Simone Burke
23Jenny and Greg Barter
24Trevor Oatley (2)

Lockers of East side

LockerEAST WALL - North to South
25Nick and Nicki Whitehead
26Steve Cavanagh
27Steve and Carol Harvey
28Gregory and Jodie Canacott
29Nathan and Jason Harvey
30Geoff and Mark Rousel
31Wayne Brighton (1)
32Marion McCutcheon
----------Divider 1 (Stairs)----------
33Rob and Jill Taylor (1)
34New Member (Shaddock)
35Robert and Jill Taylor (2)
36Don Johnston
37Kate and Jonny Kelly (Vic Hope)
38Richard Grinham
39Ron and Joy Rousel
40Doug Howarth (1)
----------Divider 2----------
41Doug Howarth (2)
42Ron Rousel (2)
43New Member (Vic Hope)
44Paul McCutcheon
45Jodie and Greg Canacott
46Ross and Robin Humphries
47Dave Shaw (2)
48Wayne Brighton (2)  


1James O'Halloran26Jason Harvey
2Alex Donnelly (PO'H)27Stuart Wearne
3Trevor Oatley28Robert Wearne
4Robert Phillips (1)29Julian Burke (2)
5Robert Phillips (2)30Sonya/David Vaughan (2)
6Ian CanacottWOC WEST WALL L to R
7Ron Rousel (1)31Greg and Jodie Canacott
8Ron Rousel (2)32Vic Hope (1)
9Dave Shaw (1)33Vic Hope (2)
10Dave Shaw (2)34Doug Howarth (1)
11Steve Cavanagh35Doug Howarth (2)
12Robert Taylor (1)36Jony Gordon (1)
13Robert Taylor (2)37Kate Kelly (2)
14John Vaughan (1)38Keith McCutcheon
15Kylie and Katrina Woods39Paul McCutcheon
FAMILY ROOM WALL L to R40Marion McCutcheon
16Richard Grinham41Alistair Mochan
17Wayne Brighton42Ken Mochan
18Robert Burke43Ross Humphries
19Michael CahillWOC NORTH WALL L to R
20Julie Canacott44Don Johnston (1)
21Julie Canacott45Don Johnston (2)
22Gretel Eady46Jenny and Greg Barter
23Kevin Everitt (1)47Margaret and Adam Clarke
24Ryan Everitt (2)48John Barter (1)
25Steve Harvey49John Barter (2)