Booking Requests

Emails, Mail or Phone request received from members.

Wayne; Room 1 is booked for Natasha, James and Matilda 2/9/17. Following our return from O/S I am informed they can no longer make this space therefore I ask the room be relinquished. Also, Brad Davis has suffered an injured knee and advise me will not be coming 4/9/17. I will try and get some others to fill these spaces. My apology for the inconvenience. Kind regards, Wayne
In Room 5 Paul Finch and Peter Prince to be added for 2, 3 and 4 August Only. Natasha Williams and James Page cannot make 2/9 to 5/9. Would please delete them from the schedule. Thanks again Wayne
Julian Burke - June 2017. Yet another booking please …… this time for this long weekend. Friday 9/6/17 to Sunday 11/6/17 (leave Monday 12th morning) inclusive. Room 2 – Julian & Simone. Room 7 & 8 – WOC Room – Mitchell & Indy.
Jane June 2017, Unfortunately, we need to cancel our booking for this weekend. Sorry for the inconvenience. I am working and we cannot go. Thank you, Jane
Paul Finch June 2017 - I would like to book Room 5 for the week ending 4th aug17 please. I was originally penciled in by Wayne Brighton and have since paid 2 payments of $245 [ $490 in total ]to secure . However I notice my name is not on the booking schedule. Could you please advise if room 5 is still available. 
Gemma Cahill June 2017 -I was wondering if I could reserve 2 beds for Friday night 7th July, leave Sunday 9th July under member Michael Cahill. If possible I can send through payments tonight Regards, 
Marion May 2017 - Hi John ,Can you please book in me, Harri and Nelli for the first week of the September school holidays? That is, 23 September - 30 September. Bedroom 3 and Bedroom 2. I might get back to you with a booking for friends as well. Thank you! M.
Rhonda Rutkis May 2017-Unfortunately due to circumstances “beyond my control” I have to cancel our booking for 24-28 July 2017 with my grandson Julian. I apologise for any inconvenience and hopefully someone else will grab the booking.
We are looking forward to our week in August with our friend Chris Powell. I have “retired” from my amazing skiing career!!! but as always, enjoy just being at Redwood. Hope you are all well and happy!!! Kind Regards 
Jane Cole May 2017 - We would like to book Sat 10th and Sunday 11th June. Bedroom 6 James O’Halloran Jane Cole Bedroom 3 Jemima O’Halloran-Cole Ethan O’Halloran-Cole
Alexandra Barter - May 2017, Is interested in going to the snow in July - she was just asking me about places to stay etc and recommendations, but I had a look on the booking page and there is some room in the lodge in the week she is looking at going down, so I thought I could suggest to her to stay at the lodge - would this be ok? If it is ok- could you book her in for room 3 for July 22 -26 inclusive for 3 people: Alexandra Barter Henry Coleman (9) Sybilla Coleman (6)
Julian: May 2017 - Further to my email booking of the 14th March (see earlier email below), it seems as though we can’t get any of our friends to come down to the Lodge with us – all too busy.
So, please delete any booking for “friends”. See updated bookings below. Sat 22/7/17 to Friday 28/7/17 (leave Saturday 29th morning) inclusive. - Room 1 – Brian and Shelley – $1204 PAID BY BRIAN DIRECTLY ON APRIL 18. - Room 2 – Julian and Simone - Room 4 – Not Required - Room 5 – Not Required - Room 6 – John Burke - Room 7 and 8 – WOC Room – Mitchell and Indy (No Friends) Sat 26/8/17 to Tues 29/8/17 (leave Wednesday 30th morning) inclusive. - Room 6 – Julian and Simone - Room 7 and 8 – WOC Room – Mitchell and Indy (No Friends) In addition, we would like to visit the Lodge this weekend - Sat 20/5/17 to Sun 21/5/17 (leave Sunday morning) inclusive. - Room 6 – Julian and Simone - Room 7 and 8 – WOC Room – Mitchell and Indy (No Friends)

Further to our booking below, we would like to add one night to our August booking. Please add Friday 25/8/17 to our existing booking. We will all go into the WOC room for the Friday night. Jules Simone Mitch Indy Thank you. Cheers, Julian Burke 0418680780
Jonny May 2017 -  I refer to our bookings made pre AGM and the invoice as issued. We were confirmed for: Saturday 19 / Sunday 20 August and Friday 1 September / Saturday 2 September.
For the first of the above we cannot stay on Sunday 20 August, so will just stay the one night on the Saturday.
We have paid an amount of $576 on the invoice on that basis. Also, could you please book me and Jack Gordon (child) into the lodge for the following nights – Monday 10 July, Tuesday 11 July and Wednesday 12 July.
John (and apologies as we are trying to work around Jack's school's ski team), for that week in July we now need the following nights: 5 nights - Monday 10 July through to and including Friday 14 July (ie. check out Saturday morning).
Can you please issue the invoice on that basis? Thanks Jonny
Wayne May 2017 - Could you please add Lindsay and Ailsa Schofield to Sep 2 and 3 Room 1 just Sat and Sunday. Thanks. Wayne Brighton
Margi Clarke March 2017; Could you please book us in for the following at Redwood. 2/7/17-7/7/17 ( 6 nights) Basement for myself, Declan and Bridget. Also for Easter: Whole lodge 14/4/17-17/4/17 Adam and I bed 1 Vic and Geoff bed 2 Declan and Bridget bed 4 Saskia Rousel bed 5 Guests bed 3 and 6, Thanks
Paul McCutcheon, I would like to put in a tentative request to book the lodge for a cycling training camp I am planning to run on 17th – 19th March 2017. I am yet to understand the exact numbers and room requirements at this stage, as the notification went out today, and will expect something in the way of confirmation during the next week or so. Thanks and regards, Paul McCutcheon Ph: 0418209057

My guests are that impressed with Redwood that they are super keen to come back for another weekend of cycling in the mountains for Easter. I noticed Margi and co are booked in, with a total of 11 people – so, we would like to try and book in to bedroom 7 for three people. I realise this is over the NPWS limit of 12 guests though…what do you think? Thanks and regards, Paul McCutcheon.

Hi John, It looks like we will be staying in Jindabyne for Easter now – so please cancel this request for room 7. thanks and regards, Paul
Doug Howarth 26-Aug-2017 Phone Penelope R4, Doug and John Hallahan R3, Avi Joshi R5 Hello John.
21/07/2017 - Could you please book bedroom 2 in my name from Aug 12 to Aug 18 if that is OK with you - the room that Joy has cancelled due to Ron's accident . Regards Doug
Paul McCutcheon, For the week beginning 26th August, please book bedroom 1 for myself, and bedroom 2 for the following non-member guests: Richard and Pam Saunders. thanks
Michael Cahill I would like to make a booking for myself and my partner - Ann Crowe (room4?). And also Simon and Michelle Crowe and their son Jack (room 7?). Jack is 7yrs old. The dates are Sunday 13th aug to Sat 19th aug.
I noted there was someone in on sat 12th. Let me know if this is ok and I will arrange a deposit.
Margi Clarke Jan 4. Could you please book us in for the following for winter this year: Dates: August 12-18 inclusive
Bedroom 1: Geoff and Victoria Rousel (2) Bedroom 4: Saskia Rousel (1) Bedroom 2: Richard and Louise Grinham (2)
Bedroom 3: Ella, Abi and Claire Grinham (3) Bedroom 5: Declan and Bridget Clarke (2)
Bedroom 6: Margi and Adam Clarke(2) Total 12 people: as everyone is now well and truly over 5.

Update to assist Ian - please book us in for the following if available 19/8/17 -25/8/17 inclusive
Bedroom 2: Victoria and Geoff Rousel
Bedroom 3: Bridget and Declan Clarke
Bedroom 5: Saskia Rousel
Basement 7: Adam and Margi Clarke Thank you x -- Margi Clarke
Marion MCC On bookings, is it too late to book us and the Burley/Carralls in for the second week of the school holidays?
That is, the week commencing Saturday 8 July Preferably bedrooms 1, 2, 3 and 4 please.
JB - you’re the master of the great Redwood booking juggling game! The Burley/Carralls know the drill - it would just be good to ski with them. M

Re your request; I can get you, Nelli and Harri in for the week you have requested into the family room by moving Jen and Lucien into Ken Mochan’s room and cancelling Ken (he won’t mind).
I would have trouble asking Jen not to take her group as I cancelled them last year so other members could take their guests.
Could the Burley’s and Carrall’s go in the first week of school holidays? Ken may also be able to go to open or maybe you could go then?

Hi John Thank you so much - that is looking like a great solution for us. I hope Jen is happy with it too.
Would you mind if I re-jig the rooms a little?
Harri and Nelli are old enough not to have us on the same floor as them, so how about (including kids' ages)…
Bed 1 - James nd Jane O’H, Bed 2 - Naomi Burley and Matt Carrall, Bed 3 - Nelli (10) and Harri Lahtinen (13), Bed 4 - Jemima and Ethan O’H, Bed 5 - Lily (8) and Noah Carrall (11), Bed 6 - Marion and Marko.
I’m really looking forward to some time in the cool again. Fingers crossed for a shift in climate soon. Best M.
Ian Canacott Can I please be put in for the week of the 5th - 12th of August as this is my only rostered week off work! and please group as below, Bed 1: Ian canacott and Monica sanders 5-12th
Bed 2: Jason Fritsch and partner 5-12th
Bed 3: Grant Kemlo, Mel Kemlo and Gorge Kemlo under 5. 5-12th
Bed 4: Amber Griffiths 5-11th. Laura Galiano and Nathan Morgan 11-13th
Bed 5: Tahlia (last name TBA ) 5-12th
Bed 6: Dean Morgan and Kimberly Morgan 5-12th
Games : Simon Edwards, Tegan Edwards and Alex Edwards 5-12th Regards

Ian, I have had to move members to give you your requested week. Members have priority, so if any of them object you won't be able to book that week, or if other members want that week they also will have first priority.
With so many non-members in your party you need to think of a time away from the core period. Regards, John

Hi John/ Margy, I need to swop some people around for the week at snow, so details as below please, Bed 4: Tash hubberd and Ebs jade, 5-12th Bed 5: Emma macdonald, 5-12th, Please find payment sent direct to redwood!! Bed 6: Rach greenwood, 5-12th If you have any queries please don't hesitate in contacting me Kind Regards, Ian Canacott

Jane Cole and James O'Halloran We would like to book Sunday 9th to Sat 15th July Bed 1, 2 or 6 Jane Cole and James O'Halloran Bed 4 or 5 Jemima and Ethan O’Halloran-Cole

Could we please add Sat 8th July to our booking? Bedroom 1 Jane Cole James O’Halloran Bedroom 4 Jemima O’Halloran-Cole Ethan O’Halloran-Cole Thank you, Jane Cole
Steve and Carol, Can we book for one week from 5th August the same week as the Woods and Taylors. Bedroom 3 would be our preference.
Jules I was hoping to book in to the Lodge for the following nights: Sat 22/7/17 to Friday 28/7/17 (leave Saturday 29th morning) inclusive. - Room 1 – Julian and Simone - Room 2 – Guests - Room 4 – Mitchell and friend - Room 5 – Indy and friend - Room 6 – John Burke Sat 26/8/17 to Tues 29/8/17 (leave Wednesday 30th morning) inclusive. - Room 6 – Julian and Simone - Room 7 and 8 – WOC Room – Mitchell and Indy + Friends.

I just wanted to let you know before the AGM so others can avail themselves of the unoccupied rooms if they wish.
Sat 22/7/17 to Friday 28/7/17 (leave Saturday 29th morning) inclusive. - Room 1 – Brian and Shelley - Room 2 – Julian and Simone - Room 4 – Not Required - Room 5 – Not Required - Room 6 – John Burke - Room 7 and 8 – WOC Room – Mitchell and Indy + Friends TBC Sat 26/8/17 to Tues 29/8/17 (leave Wednesday 30th morning) inclusive. - Room 6 – Julian and Simone - Room 7 and 8 – WOC Room – Mitchell and Indy + Friends TBC Thank you. Talk to you soon. Jules.
Trevor Oatley Can you please book the following rooms for the week beginning Saturday 15th July - Friday 21st July inclusive.
Bedroom 1 - Mat and Rebecca Flinn Bedroom 2 - Charlotte Flinn (13) and Jonah Flinn (9) Bedroom 3 - Ben Johnston and Solveig Johnston (13) and Linea Johnston (11) Bedroom 4 - Trevor Oatley Bedroom 5 - Anna Johnston & Katie Black (9) Bedroom 6 - Donald & Helen Johnston Wok - Mat & Renee Campbell & Hannah Campbell (9) & Sarah Campbell (6) Thanks
Rob Phillips, I will try to get there this year! Jo's foot getting better now and will be A-OK by the. Not at Uni. ABC studios project will be in cookie-cutter mode by then. What could possibly go wrong? (Why did I write that?) Thank you. Kind regards, Rob.
Wayne Brighton January 2017. Joy and my early preference for one weeks accommodation in the week commencing 29/07/17. Bedroom 2, 1 or 6 are preferred if possible. I'll get back to you about refinements for the January long weekend when I get back Home from holidays. There are some changes.
Jill Taylor January 2017 Our request for the season is 5th to 12th August 2017. (This date or back 1 week is a special request)
Ken and Carolyn Woods bedroom 1, Bob and I bedroom 6. Regards Jill. Jill Taylor
Could you put Joy Rousel's request in with us 5th to 12th August. Bedroom 4 or 5. Thanks again Jill Taylor
Rhonda Rutkis January 2017 Request for July 24-28 (5 nights) Rhonda and Julian and Alan Springall Bedroom 3 Jan and Hilton Bloomfield and two granddaughters Phoebe and Olivia Games Room August 19-26 (7 nights) Jan and Hilton Bloomfield Bedroom 1 Christine Powell Bedroom 4 Rhonda Rutkis and Alan Springall Bedroom 6 thank you John Kind regards Rhonda Rutkis xxx

Hello John Unfortunately due to Jan’s ill health, Jan and Hilton Bloomfield are unable to come to Redwood this winter.
Their cancellation is as follows: Jan, Hilton, Phoebe and Olivia Bloomfield – 24–28 July 2017 (5 nights) Family Room 7 and 8
Jan and Hilton Bloomfield – 19–25 August 2017 (7 nights) Bedroom 1. All other bookings remain the same!!!! Regards Rhonda Rutkis