Booking Rules, Rates and Procedure

Booking Rules

  1. All Bookings and changes must be made before visiting the Lodge.
  2. Bookings will only be made for financial members.
  3. Booking method - Book Online or contact  Margaret Clarke (0414890383) if for some reason you cannot make contact, notify a Director.
  4. A booking fee of $10.00 per night for Members and Life Members and 50% deposit for Associates, Veteran Members and Non-Member must be paid to confirm each booking.
  5. Bookings will be treated only as requests up to the AGM, and shown in 'lower case' on the booking schedule and on your accounts.
  6. Some rescheduling may take place up to the AGM to fulfill all requests.
  7. Consideration will be given to special requests and booking times from previous years to share accommodation times.
  8. Bookings can only be confirmed by financial members with the payment of the required booking fee after the AGM.
  9. Confirmed bookings will be shown in 'UPPER CASE' on the booking schedule, and on your accounts.
  10. The balance due for Associates, Veteran and Non-members should be paid, two weeks prior to occupation.
  11. Members are responsible for their guests account.
  12. A Member should be present when non-members are booked.
  13. The current booking schedule can be seen on the Redwood web;
  14. Incoming guests must not take occupied rooms until after 10am.
  15. Payment by bank transfer to Westpac Account BSB-032 151 Account-364078. Reference your transfer with your name and start date.

Booking Preferences
Members have first preference up to the AGM for their first weeks booking.  Each Share has two allocated members.
Members who have not paid their accounts by the due date have no booking preference.
Associate, Life and Veteran members  have second preference for one week. Associates are members children over 18 or parents.
Members Relatives and Guests have third preference.
After the AGM Members, Relatives and Guests can book the remaining accommodation.

Season Times and Rates
Winter Rates Officially June long weekend to October long weekend.
Summer Rates Officially October long weekend to the June long weekend.
Shoulder Rates Bookings Early and Late snow bookings may be eligible for special rates on request.
Group Booking Rate Will be considered on an individual basis.

Booking Rates and Levies
Full Members Rates
Share holders - Levy I $450.00 due by AGM.  Levy II $350.00 due at end on Season.
Each share entitles two members as shown on the share register to the benefits of membership.
We have 36 shareholders which allows 72 Members for first preference bookings.
Members' dependent children 6 -18 accompanying the member $10.00 per bed/night
Children 5 and under no charge per bed/night.
Booking fee required of $10.00 per night for each member or child over 5.
Members can have any available beds, after the AGM at $10.00 per bed/night.

Life Members Rates
Life members do not pay levies (unless also a full member -see above)
Booking fee required of $10.00 per night for each life member.
Life members have booking preference after Full member (same as Associates and Veteran members)

Associates, Relatives and Veteran Rates
Definition of Associate: Immediate child or parent of a Member.
Associates between 18-25 – Summer rate of $40.00 per bed/night for Winter and Summer.
Associates (over 25), Relatives and Veteran Members $80.00 per bed/night Winter and $40.00 per bed/night Summer.
Associates and Veterans dependent Children 6-18 accompanying the Member $10.00 per bed/night winter and summer.
Children 5 and under no charge per bed/night.

Non Members Rates
Non Members $92.00 per bed/night winter and $46.00 per bed/night summer.
Non Members dependent Children (6-18) $46.00 per bed/night winter and $23.00 summer.
Children 5 and under no charge per bed/night.

Work Credits
Members that attended an organised work party will have their booking fee credited against Levy II.
Members participating in an organised exterior painting weekend will have Levy II credited to their account.
Associates and non-members participating in an approved work event will have one nights accommodation credited for each full day worked.

A bank transfer is the required method; Westpact Caringbah BSB-032 151 Account-364078.
Make sure the payment is identified with your name and if possible week commencement date. Cheques should be avoided. Additional charge for cheques received may be $20.00 or late payments may be $20.00 per month.

Other items
Unconfirmed bookings may be re-booked if confirmation is not received within a reasonable time. (2 weeks).
Refunds for cancellation will be made when two weeks’ notice is received.

Otherwise a refund will only be considered if the accommodation can be re-booked.

Booking Codes

Codes (Mw) consists of uppercase "code" followed by lowercase w for winter or s for summer
M - Member (Shareholder and declared member associated with the shareholder)
C - Members or Associates child between 6 and 18 years old.
A - Associates over 25 years old.
D - Associates 25 and older.
N - Non-members (guests of members)
U - Child under 5 years.
S - Group rate
O - Working party