Life Members

Vic Hope

I first met Vic when he joined Redwood during the development stage of the Lodge. His practical experience (being manager of H.A. Sharp Engineering) soon came to the forefront. We can thank Vic for preventing any falls from the A frame top floor down my open staircase to the bedroom level. He designed and built the metal handrail system around the steep staircase and it is still safely in use today. One of Vic’s main contributions was his willingness to lend his box trailer to the lodge for transport of materials during the construction phase. I towed the trailer on many occasions possibly  wearing most of the tread off the tyres. I was never game to tell Vic that while descending one of the major hills on the way down to the Snowy, the trailer (fully or overloaded) bounced off the tow bar showing sparks many feet into the night air. Luckily the safety chain held and there was no damage. I suppose Vic wondered why there was a large ground flat spot on the tow bar frame. Sorry Vic ! Vic you are and always will be part of Redwood. Keith McCutcheon.

Vic was one who helped the beginning of the lodge with finance , he also supplied all the galvanized metal plates to join the A Frames together & anchor them in the base, also for the new extension. He also made the metal rail for the attic stairs in Sydney which I took down & it fitted perfectly. Also employed the late Jacki Rose one of the original helpers. He help Warren & Gretel with their deposit on their first home, a lovely Guy. Dave Shaw.

The book "Highway to Heaven" at the lodge is dedicated to Vic and his ashes have been spread over the base of North Perisher mountain.

Keith McCutcheon

Doug Howarth

David Shaw

Robert Taylor