Vale – Keith McCutcheon

It is with great sadness, that we learn of the passing of Keith.

We are advising you of the very sad news that Keith McCutcheon, our Dad and Redwood founder, passed away on Friday morning.

Dad gave his passions his all, and one of his greatest was his love for skiing and the Snowy Mountains. We all owe the wonderful community we share at Redwood today in a great part to Dad’s enthusiasm for the snow and for skiing with his mates, and his extraordinary energy and determination to realise his dreams. Kindest Regards, Marion and Paul McCutcheon

Old Skiis

If you have any old skis, that you no longer want, please leave under the northern deck for Connie to collect. She has an art project requiring old skis – downhill or cross country fine – and it doesn’t matter what condition they are in. Thanks, Margi​