Notice to Redwood members and guests

  1. Levy 1 is now overdue. If you have not paid your levy, please pay it now.
  2. Payment is now required within two weeks to confirm your booking request. Shareholder/member full amount, associates and guests 50% deposit.
  3. If the Resort is not open one week prior to your first night or you notify prior to occupation, your deposit will be refunded.
  4. Please cancel now if you are unlikely to take up your request this season.

The Directors believe there is a reasonable chance that the ski season will proceed.

Perisher has posted this update on its website regarding their Australian resorts:

COVID-19 Update

Perisher continues to prepare for our scheduled opening of the 2020 winter season on 6 June.

Vail Resorts is closely monitoring the progress of COVID-19 in Australia.

As the season approached, we will advise of any planned changes to resort operations for the 2020 winter season.

Update from Directors

Given the huge number of permutations that may eventuate this year and the inability to foresee them all, the Directors believe that Redwood continuing in a business-as-usual manner will help avert as much uncertainty as possible.

Pivotally, if the season does open (even mid-season), members and guests need to be fully cognisant that the usual rules would apply, with last minute changes of mind not in the best interests of the lodge or other members.

Hence, Redwood will proceed on the basis that the season will open and then adapt if that is not the case.

Specifically, this means that deposits are payable. You will recall that this is the original purpose of deposits, to encourage adherence, as others may be willing to attend instead. But it also means implementing a temporary rule for 2020 that if the Resort is not open one week prior to your first night, your deposit for that stay will be refunded in full.

If members and/or their guests feel it would be unlikely that they would ever be comfortable coming down to the lodge this season, even if the resort were open, they should elect to cancel now. This will give all members a clearer picture of availability and lodge usage.

Redwood Directors

Booking for 2020

Requests for bookings can be seen now, but booking fees won't be due till we advise status of coming ski season. Contact Margi Clarke on 0414 890 883 for help.
Updates will be posted here at the end of each month.
Bookings must be made on the booking form.
Please inform Margi of the DOB for any children under 25.
If DOB unknown, the full rate may be charged.

Booking Rates

Accommodation rates for 2020 have been reviewed by the Directors.
Changes are necessary to correct some anomalies in the fee structure and to ensure fairness and the viability of the Lodge.

See "Rules and Rates" for current rates and rules.

Information has been be included in the minutes of the AGM.

For further explanation ring John Barter on 0418 253 479

History of Perisher

Hi Redwood Members,
On behalf of the Perisher Historical Society, I would like to circulate the knowledge among Redwood members, that my book is now published after 7 years of research.
If you recall at the Redwood 50th Birthday celebration I gave a presentation of its progress and intent.
Attached is a book synopsis with an order form and information about the Author, for those members who may be interested and those who are not familiar with me as one of the founding Redwood members.
Donald Johnston
Committee member
Perisher Historical Society Inc. NSW
About the Author Order Form