Booking request for 2021

Booking request for 2022 can be made now but subject to the following summary from the rules;

  • Rates remain the same as 2021 for 2022.
  • Please check your members address and email changes to
  • Requests are only provisional and subject to change till after the AGM.
  • There is no advantage by booking early.
  • This year members who left their deposits for 2021 may be given preference for their bookings this year.
  • NOTE: If booking a large number of guests it is best to avoid late July and early August as Shareholders have priority up to the AGM.
  • Unless a specific reason is given for your request, you may be moved +/- 1 week to help others.
  • Please request a change if not happy. Past usage will be used to share room types and dates.
  • Maximum number of guests (over 5 years) is 12.
  • Click here to book online. Your request will then be placed on the web after a short delay.

NOTE: If your preferred date appears to be taken or you must go at a particular time - We will endeavour to re-organise to suit. Margi Clarke

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History of Perisher

Hi Redwood Members,
On behalf of the Perisher Historical Society, I would like to circulate the knowledge among Redwood members, that my book is now published after 7 years of research.
If you recall at the Redwood 50th Birthday celebration I gave a presentation of its progress and intent.
Attached is a book synopsis with an order form and information about the Author, for those members who may be interested and those who are not familiar with me as one of the founding Redwood members. Regards, Donald Johnston Committee member Perisher Historical Society Inc. NSW
About the Author Order Form