Booking Instructions 2023

  • Please check your members address and email details and advise of any changes.
  • Requests are only provisional and subject to change till after the AGM (for July-September requests).
  • Unless a specific reason is given for your request, you may be moved +/- 1 week to help others.
  • Please request a change if not happy. Past usage will be used to share room types and dates.
  • The preferred week is Sunday to the following Saturday (Trial for 2023)
  • Payment to Westpac BSB-032151 Acnt-364078. Reference with your name.
  • Cheques and Late payments (for each month overdue) may be charged at $20.00.
  • You are not booked until you pay the booking fee and appear in upper case after the AGM.
  • Maximum number of guests (over 5 years) is 12. Requests for over 12 will be rescheduled prior to the AGM.
  • Click here to book online.  Your request will then be placed on the web after a short delay.

NOTE 1: If booking a large number of guests, it is best to avoid late July and early August as Shareholders have priority up to the AGM.
NOTE 2: If your preferred date appears to be taken or you must go at a particular time - We will endeavour to re-organise to suit.
NOTE 3: Rates have now been set for 2023 season and will apply from February-2023.
NOTE 4: Incoming guests must not take occupied rooms until after 10am.
Margi Clarke

April to June