Redwood Sports

Redwood’s primary purpose is to encourage, develop and facilitate snow sports, skiing, snow-boarding, ski touring, mountain biking, orienteering and hiking as well as other athletic mountain-based activities and games. It provides a base from which to participate in these geographically-remote pursuits.

Winter is fast approaching and Redwood shifts from facilitating it’s summer activities to ski and snowboarding and touring.

Getting yourself ready for the Winter Season

Given that a lot of members have comparatively sedentary jobs back in cities, it is important to stay safe on the slopes by doing some ski-specific exercises in preparation for the season. This not only gives you the best chance of avoiding injury but will increase your ability to participate and your enjoyment.

We’ve trawled around to find the best videos demonstrating exercises that will prepare you for the season and which can be done predominantly at home with minimal equipment.  You can either watch it on YouTube or download a low-res version to watch on your phone without ads.  Do this a few times a week approaching the season and you will maximise your ability to participate and enjoy.

So, what’s on this season for you to participate?

Always a good source, the Slopes website is kept up-to-date with all the activities in Perisher Valley.

But for convenience, here are direct links to some of the more popular activities in which we would encourage you to participate:

Australian X-country
The Australian X-Country has multiple events on during the season.  For those who have not tried X-country before, there will be an open day in Perisher on Sat the 6th July. But for those who have, the annual KAC event is a must.

Click here for more event information.

Perisher Blue Masters 
Perisher’s Winter Sports Club (WSC) conducts a variety of season long programs specially designed for enthusiasts to develop and progress their snow riding skills. The Masters programs cater for adult skiers looking to learn around like-minded people and have a good time while doing it!  The focus is on steady progression with a specialised and experienced coaching team who will be there every step of the way! Information on the program can be found here.

And for the kids, there’s Inter-schools Australia Snow Sports.
Given the popularity of this event, don’t forget to get your booking in as early as possible.

Perisher Cup 
The Perisher Cup was initiated by the NSW Ski Association in the early 1950’s and is now conducted by Perisher Blue, with assistance from Cooma Ski Club.
The event is a team activity with four participants, each of whom competes in three events:
Cross Country 4X2 klm relay, a Giant Slalom and the best of three jumps.

The Perisher Cup is open to participants from Perisher Ski Clubs.
Details on how to enter will be available here.

Gateway to Sport.
A comprehensive guide to sporting activities in NSW can also be found at the following web site

Redwood Cup
And, of course, if these aren’t your thing, don’t forget the prestigious Redwood Cup as motivation to get out there and get active in the mountains!  As part of our mission to encourage as much participation in mountain sports as possible, the Redwood Cup is awarded annually to the most active sporting participant in the previous calendar year. Over the history of this award, selection of the winner has always been deliberately subjective, with a wide range of factors considered, whether it be high winter participation as measured by skier miles or event participation, the range of mountain sports tackled, the summer sport exploits such as cycling tours or rogaining groups or in other years, there has simply been a standout in terms of pushing personal boundaries and achievements. Get active folks!